Welcome to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Types 750 and 101!

This discussion group is dedicated exclusively to the restoration, maintenance, history and driving enjoyment of these magnificent Italian cars from the 1950's and 1960's. Group access is by subscription only. Subscription approval requires ownership of a Type 750 or 101 Alfa Romeo, and submission of a questionaire (sent to you upon receipt of your subscription request.) 

POSTING CONTENT POLICY - A few basic rules:

- When sending messages, please sign them with your real name.

- The 750-101series discussion group exists to support owners and aspiring owners of early post-WWII 750-101 series Alfa Romeos.  The List prides itself on providing content that is specific to the history, maintenance, identification, restoration and enjoyment of 750 and 101 Giuliettas and Giulias only.  Conversely, the List also takes pride in NOT carrying "fluff" (such as postings about politics, jokes, virus scares, other car marques, etc.) or purely commercial messages (such as postings from vendors for the sole purpose of promoting their businesses).


- The List does welcome the participation of individuals who are both 750-101 Alfa owners / enthusiasts AND providers of goods or services for these vehicles.  Postings that inform other list members of the availability of a restoration or replacement part or service are always welcomed.  However, such postings should not only promote the vendor's product or service, but should also educate the reader about solutions to the relevant problem.  Commercial postings that are purely advertisements, or solicitations to purchase 750-101 vehicles for resale will not be tolerated, and may result in expulsion from the group.


- Replies to questions of general interest to the group should be posted to the entire List. Messages and replies that are strictly one-to-one (personal) or are of interest only to an individual should be mailed directly to that individual's e-mail address - NOT to the entire List.


- Parts for sale, trade, free should be posted to the parts "Subgroup" click on subgroup to the left on the website)

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